Former President Nixon's publisher denied yesterday that television personality David Frost is working on Nixon's memoirs.

Any confusion, Grosset & Dunlap said, is because it has its own David Frost who is the New York publishing house's chief copy editor and is, indeed, helping with the 1,150 page book due to be published in May.

New York's new morning newspaper, The Trib, reported yesterday that television's Frost, who conducted the interviews of Nixon last year, had been called in to help rewrite the memoirs in response to charges made by Nixon's former chief of staff H. R. Halderman in his just-published book.

Grosset & Dunlap, which will publish the hardcover edition of Nixon's book, said that copy editor Frost is the only Frost connected with the project. He has been living in the San Clemente Inn, the closest hotel to Nixon's estate, since last fall while editing the book, a Grosset & Dunlap official said.

Grosset & Dunlap denied that a major rewrite is under way. Nixon is being paid $2 million for his memoirs.

Leonard Saffir, the Trib's publisher and a co-author of his paper's original story, said that he sticks by his story.

"We have so many sources who have him [TV personality Frost] out there," Staffir said. "We just have too many sources."

Television personality Frost's office said yesterday that he was en route to Australia.