The Village of Robbins' entire 15-man police force has been fired because of allegations that the officers committed crimes and blatantly disregarded department regulations.

Douglas Polsky, village attorney of the South Chicago suburb, said Monday that trustees voted 3 to 1 to fire the department. Off-duty sheriff's police will patrol the village until a new force is assembled, officials said.

"Police have been accused of armed robbery, burglary and car theft," Polsky said. "There has been a failure to respond to calls and to testify in court."

He added that "evidence was not inventoried, bond money and narcotics have disappeared and there have been a large number of brutality complaints."

"No files are being maintained," he said. "A gun shop in the village has declared itself off-limits to all of our police and four of our policemen don't even have driver's licenses."

Cook County Sheriff Elrod and State's Attorney Bernard Carey are investigating the allegations.

It was the second time in eight years the Robbins police force was taken off the job. The entire department was suspended in 1970 after two persons were fatally shot by officers.

Polsky said the village has obtained $1.5 million in federal funds to upgrade the police department and constuct a new village hall.