A military source here has identified the second of two men sought in connection with the death in Washington of former ambassador Orlando Letelier as Armando Fernandez Larios, an Army captain attached to the Chilean secret police, special correspondent John Dinges reported.

The source, who said he was known Fernandez since military school, said he recognized the officer from pictures printed Saturday in the Santiago press.

The Chilean government has refused to comment on the identity of the two men. The Washington Post reported Monday that Chile has said the two men sought by the United States - identified initially as Juan Williams Rose and Alejandro Romeral Jara - do not exist in military or civilian files.

Williams' picture has been recognized by several persons who said he was an American, Michael V. Townley, with a reputation for right-wing activity in Chile.

Another informed source revealed that the two published photos were obtained by the U.S. government from a consulate in Paraguay. The source said the two men applied for U.S. visas during unspecified false documents.

It has been reported that two men using the names of Williams and Romeral traveled to the United States on official Chilean passports with U.S. visas.