All evening recreation and extra curricular activities in Montgomery County schools serviced by the Potomac Edison Co. will be eliminated starting March 13, County Executive James P. Gleason announced yesterday.

Because of Potomac Edison's dwindling coal supplies due to the miners' strike, the country has asked that weekend activities also be curtailed.The schools affected lie in the upper Montgomery area and include the cities of Barnesville, Damascus and Poolesville.

According to Charles Maier, Gleason's chief assistant, the emergency action does not apply to weekend church services held in schools. The Damascus library will also continue operating on its normal schedule, Maier said.

"We are making efforts at this time to try and relocate the affected evening activities to schools nearby that are not served by Potomac Edison. It is necessary that we take these measures at this time in order to conserve enough energy to continue to operate the schools for the normal school day." Gleason stated in a written announcement.

The 10 schools located in the up-county area already have curtailed cooking and industrial arts classes, Maier said.

Some county residents who meet financial requirements may be eligible for assistance in paying their utility bills, Maier said. All county residents over 60 can receive financial help for excessive food, fuel, transportation and medical expenses during the energy crisis, he added.

Elderly residents seeking assistance should call the county's Division of Elder Affairs (279-1487). All other residents seeking financial aid should call the Department of Social Services (468-4354) and ask for a family service worker, officials said.

Utility bills next month are likely to be higher than normal, Maier said, because of Potomac Edison's need to purchase electricity from neighboring power grinds at a higher price than it costs the company to provide its own electricity.

Potomac Edison services 18,000 Montgomery County residents. Electrical services will not be interrupted without advance notice, company officials have said.Service at hospital, police and fire stations will not be interrupted.

Maier said that street lighting will be curtailed in Barnesville and Poolesville, but additional police patrols will be dispatched to those areas at night.

The schools affected by the emergency measures are Poolesville High School, Damascus High School, John T. Baker Junior High School, and Poolesville, Damascus, Cedar Grove, Woodfield, Clarksburg, Edward U. Taylor, and Monocacy elementary schools.