Turkish Premier Bulent Ecevit, in a concciliatory move on the eve of his summit meeting with Greek Premier Constantine Karamanlis, ordered the easing of restricitions on the Greek community in Turkey, yesterday.

Leaving Istanbul for Montreux, where he will hold talks with Karamanlis today and Saturday. Ecevit said he set up a ministerial committee headed by first Deputy Premier Ohran Eyuboglu to deal with the problems of the 15,000 ethnic Greeks living in Turkey.

Ecevit has pledged to solve differences between Athens and Ankara that have soured both countries relations with the United States and weakened the southeast flank of NATO. He announced an end to government delays in issuing travel documents to Greek Orthodox religious leaders in Turkey and promised to speed government approval of principal of Greek schools appointed by the Greek community.

He also said his government, which came to power Jan. 17, would co-operate with Greek community leaders in sloving the financial problems of Greek schools in Turkey.

A senior Turkish Foreign Office official said Ecevit would seek reciprocity for the 110,000 turks living Greece.

The Turkish and Greek premiers held an unscheduled 15-minute meeting last night in the Montreux Palace Hotel, overlooking Lake Geneva, when Karamanlis called to Ecevit to congratulate him on his narrow escape when his car blew a tire and skidded into the back of a truck on the high-speed highway between Geneva and Montreux.

Ecevitz, 51, hit his head on the roof of the car but escaped serious injury. Earlier he told a news conference at Geneva airport he did not expect to reach "complete agreement" with Karamanlis but hoped to "establish a permanent dialogue of mutual trust and friendship and give the political directives that are necessary to bring solutions at technical level."

Karamanlis was in a bouyant mood as he traveled to Montreux, but told repoters he did not expect spectacular results.