The House Veterans affairs Committee approved legislation yesterday that would more than double the pensions for some veterans.

The legislation also includes automatic cost-of-living increases for the pensioners.

A veteran with one dependent with other income under $300 a year would get a $5,200 annual guaranteed income, up from the present $2,544.

The extra payment for each additional dependent in all income brackets would increase from the present $60 a year to $600.

The payment to a single veteran with income under $300 a year would go from $2,364 to $4,000.

Future increases in the pension rate would be based on the cost-of-living index on an annual basis, the same as Social Security. And a veteran would not lose money when his Social Security or other pension rises with the cost of living.

The Bill would raise the guaranteed income of a widow from $1,596 to $3,900. For a widow with one child it would go from $1,908 to $3,900, with an increase from $312 to $600 for each additional child.

The payment to orphans would go from $732 to $1,000 for one child and from $312 to $600 for each additional orphan. Vetera120ns 80 or older would get an extra $804 a year in pensions.