Six members of an Argentinean religious sect called the Center of Inner Religion reportedly were arrested Feb. 16 by that nation's military officers in Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina.

The five men and one woman reportedly were seized during a meeting at the home of one of those arrested, whose wife also was seized but later was released. The six were blindfolded and taken to a military dentention center where they were held without charges, according to word received here recently.

A relative of one of the six reported the arrests yesterday to a member of the group living here, Veronica McCandless.

McCandless said the 14-year-old movement is "totally nonpolitical" and likened it to the transcendental meditation movement, which has gained a wide following in this country.

Last month the Argentine government decreed that all religions except Roman Catholicism must register with the government. But the new law is not to take effect until April 15.

Last year the military regime of President Jorge Videla, which seized power in Argentina in a 1976 coup, outlawed several religious groups there, including Jehovah's Witnesses, Hare Krishnas and the Divine Light Mission of Guru Maharj Ji.

McCandless said there are about 800 followers of the Center of Inner Religion in Argentina. She said some members in Chile following the overthrow of the Allende regime there, held in prison for a year and then released.