Washington has a new syndicated columnist: Cord Meyer, formerly of the Central Intelligence Agency.

After 26 years in the agency, where he rose to deputy chief of clandestine operations, the freshman pundit was hard at work yesterday, laboring over a column for next week in the offices of his new associate and old friend, long-established Washington columnist Charles L. Bartlett.

"It's a demanding discipline," said Meyer, 57, who has already tapped out a couple of columns. "I've always wanted to do something like this. It sort of happened as a result of [Bartlett's] wanting to cut down to two a week."

Bartlett, a college classmate of Meyer (Yale '43), said he wanted the time to write a book. Meyer, who retired from the CIA in December, will write every Friday for the "News Focus" column distributed by the Field Newspaper Syndicate. Bartlett will continue to write for Monday and Wednesday.

Notices to the approximately 40 publications that take the column went out two weeks ago, Bartlett said.

"No one who knows him [Meyer] would accuse him of playing games," Bartlett said when asked if the new association might pose any credibility problems for the column. "He's a man of great integrity."