The Supreme Court meets today from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with the following cases listed for oral argument:

Case No. 77-324 - Hicklin vs. Orback. Equal protection. Privileges and immunities. Whether employers involved in oil and gas activities in Alaska as a result of state leases may be required to favor Alaska residents by hiring them before, and firing them after, residents of other states. (1 hr.)

Case No. 77-454 - Moorman Manufacturing Co. vs. Bair. Due process. Equal protection. Interstate commerce. Validity of lows law that uniquely taxes corporations solely on the basis of the share of net income "reasonably attributable to" the trade or business done within that state. (1 hr.)

Case No. 77-334 - First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Boston vs. State Tax Commission. Due process. Equal protection. Interstate commerce. Whether Massachusetts engages in prohibited favoritism to state-chartered savings and loans. (1 hr.)

Case No. 77-178 - Robertson vs. Wegmann. Civil rights. Whether a claim brought under federal law against then-Orleans Parish District Attorney Jim Garrison by Clay Shaw, who was prosecuted for allegedly playing a role in the assassination of President Kennedy, survives the death of Shaw - who was not survived by a wife, children or parents, and whether Louisiana law is determinative. (1 hr.)