Two of three bombs planted a few blocks from the Denver Civic Center exploded with powerful force early yesterday, and police said a man was ripped apart after he either found or set one of the bombs.

The dismembered body of the unidentified man was found in the street in front of the VFW Post No. 1 building, where the second bomb exploded, ripping out a wall and shattering windows. Police Chief Art Dill said there was no explanation for the blasts. "The only thing we can conclude is that we are dealing with a disturbed individual."

The first explosion, in a three-story parking structure just after midnight, ripped a hole 3 feet by 5 feet in a wall. Thirteen minutes later, the second blast roared against the brick wall of the VFW building. One policeman searching through the debris hear the building found a third bomb, consisting of 10 sticks of dynamite, in a newspaper vending machine.

"It was a live bomb which for some reason or another didn't function at the time it was supposed to," said Capt. Robert Shaughnessy, head of the police bomb squad. "It obviously was placed there to get the police officers and firemen they gathered."