A spokesman for the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon said yesterday that a Swedish patrol near the Kardali Bridge over the Litani River was caught in a crossfire during a skirmish between Palestinian guerrillas and Christian militiamen.

"The fire was not directed at U.N. troops," said spokesman Jacques da Silva in Israel. He said none of the Swedes was hurt.

An Israeli commander in Tel Aviv told the state radio that guerrilla rocket fire from Tyre, the guerrillas' last major stronghold south of the Litani River, struck an area of northern Israel. No casualties or damage was reported.

Additional French paratroopers joined two companies already camped at Tyre, raising the U.N. unit's strength there to about [WORD ILLEGIBE] members of a 700-strong Norwegian detachment arrived in Beirut to join French, Swedish and Ira-countries to bury their differences and the south.

In other developments:

Iraq refused to allow five Iranian planes carrying emergency supplies for Lebanon refugees to fly over Iraq, according to informed sources. They said four of the aircraft turned back, but one arrived in Beirut by way of Turkey with 20 tons of food, clothing and blankets. There are no immediate official explanation for the Iraqi action.

In Haifi, Israeli experts disman-Prince Saudi Faisal called on All Arab countries to buy their differences and agree to a summit conference on Israeli "agression" in southern Lebanon.

In a statement quoated by the Mecca daily Al Nadwah, he said the summit should also discuss how repeated aggression against the Arab would could be deterred.