The other day, acting in good faith on information given to us by the city's Department of Transportation - and only wanting to be helpful - we listed several locations where automobile-registration stickers can be obtained before the March 31 deadline. The subject came up, you may recall, because the District government was late in mailing out the stickers, and the deadline was fast approaching. Now, it turns out that we were advised to direct some of you to the wrong locations. Here is the latest official word from Robert Thompson, director of the city's Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

If you owe money for parking tickets, you go to the Municipal Center, 301 C Street NW (Room 2076) to pay in cash, with a certified check or money order. If you're one of the 30,000 motorists who have already sent a check for registration, but have received nothing in the mail, you go to the Municipal Center (Room 1033) for help. If you never received an application, never sent in any money, and don't have any outstanding tickets, you, too, go to the Municipal Center (Room 1157). There are three other sites where you can get registration stickers (Fort Dupont Activity Center, Carter Barron Amphitheater fringe parking lot and the Northeast Inspection Station), but only if you have your registration applications in mind - along with a check or money order.