An ambush team shot and wounded a leading industrialist in this north Italian city yesterday in what was claimed as the latest attack by the Red Brigades, the terrorist gang holding former premier Aldo Moro.

Felice Schiavetti, 51, president of the Genoa Industrialists Association, was gunned down by two young men as he left home en route to his machinery company.

Thirty minutes after the ambush, a man called a Genoa newspaper and said: "This is the Red Brigades. An armed group has shot Felice Schiavetti, servant of the state."

Police reported no new breaks in the three-week-old search for Moro and his abductors. Investigators said that four leftist extremists arrested in a Naples beach house Thursday would be taken to Rome for questioning.

Mrs. Moro, in her first public statement since she denied saying that there should be no bartering for her husband, sent a public statement to the kidnappers via a Milan newspaper.

"We unfortunately have no sign to encourage our hope of his return," Mrs. Moro said in what observers noted may be an indirect request of evidence that he is alive. There have been reports the family wants to deal for Moro's return in defiance of government opposition.