The House Rules Committee voted yesterday to limit the House to a single up-or-down vote on the multibillion-dollar farm bill that President Carter says he will veto if it reaches him.

The Senate passed the bill 49 to 41, far less than the two-thirds needed to override a veto. The House vote today is expected to be very close.

The measure, fashioned by a House Senate conference, would raise price support levels for wheat, corn and cotton inproportion to the amount of land farmers take out of production.

The Rules Committee went along with the request of House Agriculture Committee Chairman Thomas Foley (D-Wash.) for a waiver of the Congressional Budget Act. The bill violates the act by authorizing next year's spending before adoption of the first budget resolutin setting tentative spending levles.

But the committee rejected, 8 to 7, Foley's additional request that if the conference report is rejected there be an immediate vote on a more modest Foley substitute costing about half as much.

The administration dosen't want a compromise bill. Carter considers all the pending proposals inflationary and wants Congress either to kill the repeated his intention to veto the

Theadministration dosen't want a compromise bill. Carter considers all and wants Congress eeither to kill the bill or send a big one to veto. He repeated his intention to veto the pending bill during his anti-inflation speech yesterday.

Supporters of the striking farmers who have lobbied for a bill all year also don't want a fallback compromise bill available, lest that make it easier for membersto vote against the conference report.