A Senate subcommittee approved "full employment" legislation yesterday that calls for cutting the nation's unemployment rate to 4 percent by 1983.

The 6-to-0 vote by the employment subcommittee of the Human Resources Committee cleared the Humphrey-Hawkins bill past its first Senate legislative hurdle. A final Senate vote is not expected before summer.

The House approved a similar bill last month, 257 to 142.

The measure required the president to submit an annual report to Congress setting short-and long-term goals for employment, unemployment and inflation. But it is stripped of earlier provisions mandating jobs programs to help cut unemployment to 4 percent in five years. Unemployment is now running about 6.2 percent.

Before approving the bill, the sub-committee adopted proposal by Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-Wis.) directing the president's Council of Economic Advisers to study the impact that federal regulations have on small business.

The measure is named for Rep. Augustus Hawkins (D-Calif.) and the lateSen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D-Minn).

The bill was endorsed earlier this year by President Carter. It is backed strongly by civil rights groups and several religious organizations.

The measure must be approved by both the Senate Human Resources Committee and Banking, Housing and Urban Affair Committee before the full Senate can vote.

The Human Resources Committee is expected to consider the bill in two weeks.

The banking committee has scheduled hearings on the measure in early May.