Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee asked yesterday that Sen. James O. Eastland (D-Miss.) withdraw an "inaccurate" committee report about the nomination of Benjamin R. Civiletti to be deputy attorney general.

Sens. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, the ranking minority member of the committee, and Malcolm Wallop of Wyoming, who led detailed questioning of Civiletti, complained that the report had been filed without the committee members' knowledge or approval.

The report concluded that there had been no wrongdoing by Carter administration officials in the firing of David W. Marston, the Republican U.S. attorney in Philadelphia.

Rep. Joshua Eilberg (D-Pa.), who called Carter to urge Marston's dismissal last November, was not under investigation by Marston's office at the time, according to evidence at the Civiletti hearings, the report said.

The Republicans were particularly perturbed by the way the report was issued, aides said, and are prepared to demand a floor vote that it recommitted when the Civiletti vote comes up Friday.

David M. Dixon, the committee aide who prepared the report said the procedure was normal. "It's the chairman's report. He read it. He filed it for the committee," Dixon said.

But Eastland said in a phone interview: "I don't know anything about that report. I've been out of town. I haven't read it."

The Civiletti hearings dragged on from late February to mid-April, when he was approved by a 10-to-3 vote.