President Carter will visit Panama June 16 and 17 to sign a protocol confirming the ratification of the Panama Canal treaties, White House officials announced yesterday.

The trip will be largely ceremonial since, under the terms of a reservation adopted by the Senate, the exchange of documents formally ratifying the treaties will not take place until next March 31.

While in Panama, Carter is expected to meet with Panamian leader Gen. Omar Torrijos and other Latin American leaders.

No details of the president's visit were announced yesterday. Torrijos traveled to Washington last September for a signing ceremony after the terms of the treaties were agreed to with the understanding that Carter would visit Panama for another signing after the Senate approved the treaties.

White House officials also announced yesterday that Tim Kraft, the president's appointments secretary, is being elevated to the White House senior staff. The internal shuffle, which had been expected, will mean a raise in salary for Kraft from $51,000 to $56,000 a year.

Deputy press secretary Rex Granum said that Kraft, 37, will take over some of the day-to-day activities of Carter's chief political adviser, Hamilton Jordan, freeing Jordan to spend more time on long-range political strategy. These functions include supervision of the White House personnel office and working with constituent groups to develop support for administration programs, Granum said.

Kraft is expected to be succeeded as appointments secretary by Phil Wise, who is now his deputy, or Fran Voorde, the White House director of scheduling.