Today is Law Day, set aside each year for reflection on the importance of laws in everyday life. Since 1958, when President Eisenhower issued the first proclamation, Law Day has been marked by speeches and sober thoughts about the meaning of justice in our society. This year, thanks to some imaginative planning by the D.C. Bar Association, the activities of the day will take on slightly different cast.

The D.C. bar is planning a "law fair" a chance for local lawyers and representatives of numberous community groups - as well as the general public - to exchange information and ideas on the legal aspects of housing, education, child care, welfare and the like. All of the day's events, starting 9a.m., will be held at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church and will be free of charge. There will be a discussion of the upcoming activities of the D.C. Bar Association and a panel discussion with members of groups such as the Center City Community Corporation, the United Planning Organization, the Neighborhood Legal Services and the D.C. Law Students in Court.

The law fair promises to give all who attend a chance to find out about what the legal profession can do to help neighborhood groups and what the groups themselves should do to benefit from such assistance. That's not a bad way to celebrate the law.