The U.S. attorney's office has dismissed a sexual solicitation charge against Rep. Frederick W. Richmond (D-N.Y.) following Richmond's completion of a first offender treatment program.

Richmond, 54, was charged a month ago in D.C. Superior Court with solicitation, a misdemeanor, in connection with an incident last February involving a male undercover police officer.

The two-team congressman from Brooklyn pleaded innocent to the charge and was immediately enrolled in the court's first offender treatment program. As a condition of his participation in the program. Richmond, who said he had sought "appropriate professional advice," agreed to continue that treatment.

In a statement issued by his lawyers at the time the charge was brought , Richmond acknowledged he had solicited the officer.

Richmond was scheduled to appear for trial on the charge in Superior Court today. Under terms of the first offender program, however, the government agreed to drop the charge prior to trial, provided Richmond complied with the conditions of his participation in the program.

The prosecutor's office has said that participation in the first offender program is standard procedure for any person - with no prior criminal record - who is charged with sexual solicitation.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Percy H. Russell Jr., deputy director for Superior Court operations, said the charge against Richmond was dropped Wednesday.