Police kept up patrols yesterday as sightseers wandered peacefully in a small park where a Mexican-American fiesta Sunday exploded into a riot that left 15 persons injured and 22 under arrest.

"It was just one of those one-time things," an officer said of the first major incident of violence attributed to Mexican Americans who have been feuding with Houstan police for more than a year. "We don't expect any more trouble," he said.

The riot started as police tried to break up a fight in the park. A police car and a television mobile unit were burned. Two stores were looted and a fire caused heavy damage to a bakery, a variety store and a laundry in a shopping centre near the park.

Two TV reporters were stabbed, including one hit by a speeding car.

The riot occurred one year to the day after the body of Joe Campos Torres, 23, was found floating in Buffalo Bayou. He drowned while in police custody following a disturbance at a tavern.

State Rep. Ben Reyes, a leader in the Mexican-American community, said "the seed for the tragic incident" was lenient sentencingof the three officers convicted in the case.