Jerry Rubin, the one-time Yippie, made a sentimental journey to Britain on Friday and was promptly arrested and accused of having a dozen marijuana cigarettes in his pocket.

If he stays for his scheduled court appearance on Monday, Rubin is almost certain to be put promptly on a plane for New York. That will mark the second time he has been thrown out of Britain for possession of pot.

Rubin had been given special permission by the British government to come here and take part in a filmed discussion of 1968, the year of radical youth in the West.

But Rubin, who called his anarchistic manner "Yippie" - in contrast to "hippy" - never got past the blue-uniformed customs officers at Heathrow airport. They shook him down, found the joints and locked him up in the airport police station.

There, he spent the night instead of recalling old times before television cameras with Tariq Ali, the one-time leftist British student leader and Daniel ("Danny the Red") Cohn-Bendit who inspired the Paris youth uprising in May, 1968.

Yesterday morning, Rubin appeared at Uxbridge magistrate's court, was allowed to post bail, and ordered to reappear on Monday. He was charged with possessing 5.9 grams of cannabis.

The discussion program, minus the Yippie, is being made the distributed by Harlech TV, the commercial Welsh channel. The company chairman is Lord Harlech, former British ambassador in Washington and close friend of President Kennedy. The Harlech station had persuaded the Home Office to lift its ban on Rubin for seven days.

Rubin was first thrown out of here 10 years ago after he appeared on a David Frost show, smoking pot and mouthing obscenties.