Elaine Noble, one of several candidates for the Massachusetts Democratic senatorial nomination yesterday called for the resignation of Republican Sen. Edward Brooke, in light of his disclosure he made a "misstatement" under oath on a financial statement in his divorce case.

Noble, the nation's only avowed lesbian legislator, said Brooke, the nation's only black senator, "has a responsibility to clear up these misstatements" which I call lies."

Brooke said last Friday, in a crowded press conference called in response to a Boston Globe investigation that he testified falsely in a court deposition about a $49,000 personal loan.

Brooke will appear before the Senate Ethics Committee to discuss the matter next Thursday. His divorce case has been reopened and he has been ordered to appear in court in Middlesex County probate court in Cambridge next Wednesday.

"The integrity of the office of U.S. senator from Massachusetts must be preserved," Noble said. If doubts are raised about the incumbent's finances and their relationship to the public interest cannot be settled quickly, then I fear that public skepticism may grow and the respect for the office could be needlessly damaged."

I urge the incumbent to take what ever action will most swiftly and thoroughly assure that this campaign be what it should be: an honest and constructive effort to educate and convince the public and to win the trust of the citizens we seek to serve." said Noble, who faces a tough primary battle for the Democratic nomination here.

Brooke yesterday declined comment on his finances, saying he will provide full financial disclosure at next week's court hearing.