John William Warner, 51, served as secretary of the Navy from 1972 to 1974, having been Navy under secretary for three years before that. He resigned to head the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration, the agency responsible for coordinating the country's birthday celebration in 1976.

Although he has worked in numerous Republican political campaigns starting with that of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Warner has never before run for elected office.

Although Warner was born in Washington, D.C., his father and grandfather came from Amherst, Va., and he calls that his "ancestral home." Warner now lives on 2,151-acre farm in Fauquier County and at a house on S Street in Georgetown. He also owns a 1.258-acre farm in Warren and Clarke counties.

According to a financial report he released several weeks ago, Warner is worth more than $7.5 million. His holdings are separate from those of his second wife, actress Elizabeth Taylor. Much of Warner's wealth is the result of his first marriage to heiress Catherine Mellon, by whom he has three children.

Warner dropped out of high school to join the Navy in World War II. He later graduated from Washington & Lee University, and then joined the Marines and served in the Korean War during 1951-52. Later he graduated from the University of Virginia Law School and clerked for U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge E. Barrett Prettyman.

He then worked as an assistant U.S. attorney before joining the prestigious Washington firm of Hogan and Hartson as a general partner. A general partner. A general partner is one who invests in the firm. Warner was at Hogan and Hartson for eight years before going to the Defense Department.