District of Columbia Democrats regard Del. Walter E. Fauntroy and Council Chairman Sterling Tucker more warmly than any of eight other local public figures, according to the Washington Post poll of voter sentiment conducted June 1 to June 5.

By contrast, City Council member Douglas E. Moore and Joseph P. Yeldell, former general assistant to the mayor, received the lowest ratings on a so-called "feeling thermometer," in which the 1,020 people polled were asked to assign each public figure a rating of zero to 100 to depict how coldly or warmly they regarded that person.

Fauntroy received an overall rating of 65 on the feeling thermometer, while Tucker placed a close second with a rating of 64.6.

Yeldell, the former head of the city's Department of Human Resources who was indicted April 6 on federal bribery and conspiracy charges, scored 30 on the feeling thermometer. Moore scored 40.

Yeldell is not a candidate in the election but his supporters have claimed significant backing for him among many city residents. Moore is running for Council chairman, and, according to the Post poll, is trailing Council member Arrington Dixon in that race by a margin of more than bingo games last year.

The rating for other public figures were: Dixon, 62; City Council member and mayoral candidate Marion Barry, 57; Mayor Walter E. Washington, 54; mayoral candidate Dorothy Maultsby, 46; former assistant police chief and possible Council chairman candidate Tilmon O'Bryant, 44; and mayoral candidate John L. Ray, 42.