A nationwide poll shows a great majority of Americans favor drastic cuts in local property taxes, but even more people oppose such cuts if it means a big cut in services.

The ABC News-Lou Harris poll surveyed 1,500 adults across the country June 14-17 to gauge the national appetite for California's tax revolt.

The poll found a 62 to 28 percent majority favors enactment in their state of a similar measure. However, asked how they feel if such a tax cut meant a 33 percent cut in services, those surveyed opposed the measure by varying margins, depending on the services to be cut.

ABC said, "The poll clearly points up the reaction that Jarvis-Gann in California was too heavy a meat-ax tax cut. Nationwide the public would favor a 37 percent cut in property tabes, instead of the 5.7 percent reduction voted in California."

But ABC added, "the key to the deeply felt resentment people have about their taxes can be directly traced to the 89 to 5 percent majority who feel the Proposition 13 vote in California was 'a strong protest that people running government will have to respond to by trimming a lot of waste from government spending.'"

The poll also showed the two most hated taxes in America are the local property taxes (64 percent feel they are too high) and federal income taxes (70 percent feel they are too high).