An Air Canada DC-9 carrying 107 persons skidded off a runway and broke into three sections in a ravine yesterday morning when the captain aborted his takeoff from Toronto International Airport apparently because of engine trouble.

Three persons were confirmed dead and as many as up to 79 persons were reported injured, according to an Air Canada spokesman.

Air Canada flight 189 which originated in Ottawa, was bound for Winnepeg, Manitoba and Vancouver, British Columbia, with 102 passengers and five crew members when the pilot was forced to abandon take off at 8:15 a.m. and the plane skidded off a 10,500-foot eastwest runway. It stopped just 50 feet short of steel pylons holding the airports approach lights.

"What apparently happended was the captain lost power in one of his two engines and attempted to abort takeoff, said an Air Canada spokesman.

Airport rescue units went into immediate action and within two hours all aboard were taken to hospitals.

Airline spokesman said that the main fuselage remained intact and there was no fire or explosion.

Emergency crews frantically pumped hundreds of pounds of volatile fuel into tanks, but some flowed down into a creek at the bottom of the gully. The crews covered the entire area with foam and warned of the danger of an explosion.

In another air crash reported in Norway, a helicopter crashed into the North Sea yesterday enroute to an off-shore oil rig, the Norwegian coast guard said. Five others were reported missing.

Thirteen bodies have been recovered so far, a coast guard spokesman said. He said the Sikorsky S-61 helicopter, owned by the Norwegian firm Helicopter Service, carried 16 passengers, including six non-Norwegians, and two Norwegian crew members.