Part of the state's evidence against "accused number two", John Ganya, is a packet of 42 signed, sealed and addressed envelopes found on his person as he clandestinely reentered South Africa after meeting Pan African Congress officials in Botswana.

The police were never meant to see these letters from Soweto teenagers who fled the country and went to Tanzania after the riots. Many of them were writing for the first time to friends and relatives in Soweto.

The writers are among an estimated 4,000 youths, according to South African police figures, who have left South Africa in the past two years to get military training through the Pan African Congress or the African National Congress abroad. They will be the main target of South Africa's terrorist laws if they ever return.

The letters, which have been unproduced at the trial, reveal homesickness, lovesickness and a dedication to bringing down the white government by force in this fledging corps of guerrilla fighters.

"Each time I think of you I become hysterical," wrote one to his girlfriend. "I did expect . . . that one day I must leave to perform a national task. Love, it was helpless for me to stay around because I was hunted down like a dog."

Another wrote to his mother: "I do remember my mother who used to give me money to buy tobacco. I shall never forget you until I die."

Another, urging "no reply, because mite put you in a predicament, "wrote, to his girlfriend, "I hereby informing you as a daughter of a soil, to come and join me. I'm in the PAC. (Pan African Congress)."

"I live in a hotel called Zanzibar," wrote a youth. "It's a nice hotel . . . We are many students from Soweto here in Tanzania. I would like you to forgive me about going to this country without asking you," he wrote to his parents.

One young man wrote that "I am now in parking (embarking) in China for military training and ideology. I am very clear now in politics . . . please comrades, don't make any mistake to join ANC (African National Congress).

Another told about "Themba and Titi are . . . learning how to operate battle aeroplanes, Muzane is in Russia learning how to handle a rifle, Conti and Hansa are at Ethiopea learning how to handle a rifle, I later am going to China on the 25th May '77.

"It will be better now because it will be rifle against rifle and not rifle against a stone . . . Don't just quarrell by yourselves, you must know that your enemies are the Boers." Boers are Afrikaners, whites of Dutch descent who rule the government.

"Wait, it is starting this year. The freedom is nearer," wrote another man. "This is now the time to get our great grandfathers' country back. It was taken by bloodshed. We must also get it back by bloodshed too."

"We will be coming a back next year," another warned his family. "And we will cause a great havock there."

"We will meet in free Azania. (the name by which blacks call South Africa)."