Two terrorists who held the Chilean consul and another person hostage for more than 17 hours surrendered yesterday, giving up their demand for freedom for four Puerto Ricans imprisoned in the United States and releasing their hostages unharmed.

The FBI said there were only two terrorists - a man and a women. The kidnapers earlier had claimed that their band consisted of three men and one woman and that they held four hostages. The FBI said the terrorists had "one firearm."

The FBI identified the two suspects as Pablo Marcano Garcia, 26, and Nydia Cuevas Rivera, 24, both of Puerto Rico.

The siege ended shortly before noon after two attorneys called by the two met with them in the consulate and announced they would surrender.

Minutes after Consul Ramon Gonzalez Ruiz left the building escorted by police. The second hostage, Sergio Alejandro Nunez, who was on business at the consulate, was then released and the two suspects surrendered to Assistant U.S. Attorney ulio Viera.

Three of the four prisoners the terrorists wanted freed were convicted of wounding five congressmen in an attack on the House of Representatives on March 1, 1954. The fourth was convicted of attempting to assassinate President Harry Truman on Nov. 1, 1950.