The Soviet Union yesterday denounced the departure of President Carter's high-ranking scientific delegation to China.

Tass, the official Soviet news agency, in a dispatch from Washington, asserted that "the short-sightedness of such actions, their dangerous character for the cause of peace and for the national interests of the U.S. alarm many Americans, the realize that China is carrying on its won game, pursuing expansionist goals."

When the White House announced last week that Presidential scientific adviser Frank Press would lead a delegation of U.S. scientific Jody Powell said the four-day visit was not intended as a signal to the Soviet Union, or an attempt to play the Soviets and Chinese off against each other.

Yet Moscow has left no doubt on its view of the trip. Tass said:-Under the pretext of 'scientific close' contacts, attempts are being made to give Peking access to Western technology, including military technology, exactly at the time when China is striving to modernize its armed forces.

On June 24, Soviet President Leonid I. Brezhnev warned the United States against an "anti-Soviet" alliance with the Chinese. The Soviets have been particularly angered and alarmed by the recent visit visit to Peking by U.S. national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski.