An airline stewardess told police she narrowly escaped death early Saturday when a pursesnatcher threw her into the path of a subway train and kicked her in the face as she tried to climb to safety.

Anne Picyk, 28, hoisted herself back onto the subway platform with the oncoming train less than 100 feet away. Then, despite bruises and a serious leg injury, she led police to her apartment, where the assailant was captured while looting.

On her way to work at 4:30 a.m., Picyk was in the subway station at 96th Street and Central Park West when the assailant drew a knife and put it to her throat. After taking her flight bag, jewelry and purse, he flung her onto the tracks. As she tried to clamber back to the platform, she said, the attacker kicked her in the face as the train approached. He then fled, she reached safety only seconds before the train arrived.

The man had obtained her address and the keys from her purse, and police captured him there after a brief struggle.

Devereaux Wiggins, 28, was charged with attempted murder, robbery, burglar and assault. Police said he told them he had pushed three other robbery victims, including a 90-year-old man, off subway platforms recently.