The final known death toll from the mid-May seige of the southern Zairian mining city of Kolwezi stands at 855, according to the Zairian and International Committee of the Red Cross.

The number of foreigners confirmed dead in the weeklong war was 136, most of the Europeans but also a few Lebanese and Pakistanis.

There has been no independent confirmation of Zairian government charges that rebles killed 60 white hostages they were reported to have taken with them as they evacuated the city upon the arrival of Zairian and French paratroopers, according to Red Cross sources here.

The total of Zairian civilians known killed in the fighting stands at around 300, more than twice the number of whites. Of this number 85, were women.

The other casualties, roughly 419, were either Zairian or rebel soldiers killed in the fighting.

The figures were compiled by the International Red Cross on the basis of the body count carried out by members of the Zairian Red Cross, which buried corpses found in and around Kolwezi. The actual number of deaths may have been somewhat higher since some Zairians are known to have been buried privately by their families.

Immediately after the invasion was put down, reports circulated of mass executions of whites and blacks by the invaders, but these reports were later said to be exaggerated and no evidence was found of systematic killings by either side.

In late May, the Zairian Red Cross estimated the number of dead at 720, including 132 foreigners.

In late June, there were also reports from refugees entering Zambia from Zaire that Zairian troops had killed hundreds of Chaba residents for allegedly supporting the rebels.

Meanwhile, other sources here report that the Zairian government has arrested about 900 persons following the Shaba Province violence. The arrests took place in Kolwezi, Lufumbashi and other Shaba towns as well as in the country's capital, Kinshasa.

Most of the detainees are thought to be Lunda tribesmen sympathetic to the rebel cause or suspected of being involved in activities aimed at overthrowing President Mobutu Sese Seko. The attack of Kolwezi was led by Lunda people who live in the area where the borders of Zaire, Zambia and Angola meet.

Another result of the May was has been the flight of Lundas living around Kolwezi into Zambia. The official number of refugees sands at 2,000 but some estimates put the figure at twice or more this number.