In March and April [this year] during questioning, those who were conducting the investigation warned that with the position I had taken during the investigation, and which I am following here in court, I face a firing squad, or at least, 15 years in prison.

If I agreed to cooperation with the investigaiton with the aim to liquidate the Jewish emigration movement, I was promised quick release and reunion with my wife [who lives in Israel]. Now, as never before, I am far from this dream.

It seems I should be sorry about that, but it is not so at all. I'm happy. I'm happy that I lived honestly and in peace with my conscience, and never lied even when I was threatened with death. I am happy to have helped people. I'm proud that I made acquaintance and worked together with honest and brave people such as [Andrei] Sakharou, [Yuri] Orlov, [Alexander] Ginsburg, followers of traditions of the Russian intelligentsia.

I'm happy to be a witness to the process of liberation of Jews of the U.S.S.R. I hope that those absured charges against me, and in addition, against the whole of the Jewish emigration movement, will not prevent my people from liberation. My friends and relations in the emigration movement for life with my own wife, Avital, in Israel.

[For] more than 2,000 years, my people [have lived] in Russia. But wherever the Jews went, every year, they repeated, "Next year in Jerusalem." Now as never before, I'm far from my people, from Avital, and I'm facing long and hard years of detention.

I say, addressing my people and my Avital - "next year in Jerusalem!"

To the court which is going to pronounce the verdict already prepared, I have nothing to say."