A 103-year-old Hopi elder warned a rally of Indians and supporters in Lafayette Park yesterday that an ancient prophecy of destruction in the world is about to come about unless all the races come together in unity.

Grandfather David Monogye described the "prophecy of the rock" by saying, "The only way to survive these destructions (is that) we must stay together and pray together . . .May the fragrance of love go into every human being."

The diminutive Hopi elder with wispy waistlength hair was one of several speakers at the rally staged by The Longest Walk Indian coalition. It was part of the coalition's week-long program here of religious ceremonies and political protests against what they say is anti-Indian legislation in Congress.

Monongye said the prophecy, handed down through generations of oral tradition, warned of a time of "great corruption . . .and many troubles, not only among the Indians but all over the world."

He said the prophecy spoke of Indians "meeting people with white faces . . .very intelligent people who would tell us lies . . .The prophecy said if we (associated) with them, they would take everything from us, our land, our timber."

But non-Indian people would come to help the Indians, according to the prophecy, Monongye said, "and that is what we're up her for - to correct the wrongs."

Other speakers addressed the rally of about 600 persons in the sweltering heat, accusing President Carter of having ignored Indian discrimination while criticizing abuse of human rights abroad.

Russell, Means, member of the militant American Indian Movement and a national coordinator of The Longest Walk, described moderate Indian tribal council members as "neocolonizers . . .who are just another arm of the genocide (policy) that is prevalent in this country."

He accused the U.S. government of sterilizing Indian women in federally-controlled hospitals and of attempting to "legislate us out of existence," by enacting laws that would wipe out Indian culture under the guise of integrating Indians into the white American mainstream.

"That's the way it was in Nazi Germany," Means said. "They began their genocide program through legislation, but legislating Jews into nonpersons."