Campaign contributions from political committees of the American Medical Association to House Commerce Committee members were instrumental in killing President Carter's hospital cost-containment bill two weeks ago. Common Cause charged yesterday.

Common Cause said members who opposed the bill, which was defeated by the committee in a 22-to-21 vote, had received a total of $85,150 over the past three years from political committees linked to the AMA. The tabulation was based on funding reports that must be filed under the election laws. AMA was a leading opponent of the bill.

"The AMA's money buys enormous clut in Congress," said Fred Wertheimer. Common Cause vice president. "It obviously made a difference in the one-vote defeat for the administration's proposal."

"The AMA's money buys enormous cout in Congress," said Fred Wertions during the past three years to some of the members who voted in favor of the cost-containment measure. The total of these contributions, however, was $16,109.

Wertheimer, whose organization is the leading advocate of public financing for congressional campaigns, said, "The AMA gives large sums to so many Democratic and Republican congressional candidates that it can't miss having major impact at every step of the legislative process."

Common Cause said that 19 of the 22 members who opposed the cost-containment bill received campaign contributions from the AMA units.

The recipient of the largest amount of money in this group was Bob Kruoger (D-Tex.), who got $17,050. Samuel Devine (R-Ohio) received $10,000 by Tim Lee Carter (R-Ky.) at $10,000. Rep. James Collins (R-Tex.) received $7,500, Rep. David Stockman (R-Mich.), $5,500, Rep. Norman Lent (R-N.Y.), $5,100 and Reps. Mare Marks (R-Pa.) and W. Henson Moore (R-La.) received $5,000 each.

The three opponents of the bill who had received nothing from the AMA were DAVID Satterfield (D-Va.), Bob Gammage (D-Tex.) and Thomas Luken (D-Ohio).

Of the 21 members who backed the president, 16 received AMA contributions but they amounted to $16,109. The largest was $3,109 to Rep. John E. Moss (D-Calif.).