The D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment yesterday gave John O. Antonelli another month to submit more plans for a proposed parking lot operation after BZA members found they lacked a majority of votes to kill the proposal outright.

Antonelli, stepson of parking magnate and developer Dominic F. Antonelli Jr., wants to operate the lot behind three Victorian town houses he owns in the 1700 block of N Street NW. Community groups and nearby property owners and tenants have opposed his apolication, saying traffic congestion in the area is already intolerable.

With only three of the board's six members voting on the application yesterday, a 2-to-1 vote denying a BZA permit for the parking lot was insufficient to block the project.

At a meeting July 5 of the BZA, the three board members who had attended an earlier public hearings on Antonelli's parking lot application tentatively approved it pending receipt of landscaping and parking layout plans.

Those members opposing the application yesterday did so after Steven Sher, executive director of the zoning staff, said the plans submitted by Antonelli were inadequate in detail and had been submitted after the board's deadline.

In answer to a board member's question, Sher said Antonelli appeared to be operating the lot without a BZA permit. He warned that if Antonelli does not submit proper plans in time for the board next meeting Sept. 6, "he runs the strong likelihood of the board's rejection."