Immanuel David, a leader of a religious cult who kept his wife and children isolated in a $90-a-day hotel suite before he killed himself and they plunged to their deaths, apparently maintained his life style on money from followers and an unknown source in Sweden.

A former bank clerk said most of the money orders she cashed for David were for no more than $300. Some were from Sweden and payable on a New York bank, she said.

Authorities have said much of David's money came from followers of his tiny religious cult. One follower gave David $21,000, another $11,000 and a third $25,000 for the right to join the group, they said.

Last Monday, David, 39, a 6-foot-4, 300-pound ex-communicated Mormon who at times claimed to be God, Christ and the Holy Ghost and believed he had the power to destroy the world, killed himself by inhaling carbon monoxide, police say. His body was found Tuesday. On Wednesday, his wife, 38, and her seven children jumped or were thrown from the balcony outside their 11th floor hotel room. One child, Elizabeth, 13, survived. She remains in critical condition with fractures and internal bleeding.