While the rest of the world may be waiting breathlessly to see if Christina Onassis returns to the arms of her Russian husband, Muscovites seem much more interested in the amorous adventures of Valentin Ivanovich Kashkov.

In little over a year Kashkov, 42, has seduced more than 100 young, attractive Russian women - and taken their money as well.

He did it by exploiting the inherent respect Russians have for men in uniform, particularly officers. Launching his career by impersonating a major, he quickly gained confidence and promoted himself to the rank of major general.

The other evening, a number of the women appeared on television to tell about Kashkov and his exploits.

"We met in a restaurant," recalled Tatyana Alexeyevna, an attractive 29-year-old blond. He was in the uniform of a major general, she said, posing as suave army surgeon, gentle and sophisticated. Her husband she added, was "a worker, a welder".

Kashkov swept Tatyana off her feet, but she refused to go to a hotel. She proposed her mothers apartment instead.

Both women were apparently captivated by Kashkov. They decided in fact to introduce the general to Tatyana's husband as a distant cousin, which made the logistical problems of the lovers easier until Kashkov suddenly skipped town taking along a few hundred rubles.

How could she have been so gullible, inquired the judge.

"He was a general," Tatyana replied.

Another victim was Anya Petrovna, 22 of Krasnodar. She had met Kashkov earlier in his career when he was only a lieutenant colonel. What impressed Anya was that he was gentle and understanding, and did not come on too strong.

She finally decided to take a trip to Moscow with him, and at Kashkov's urging, took all her savings along so she could go shopping.

They made love abroard the train in their sleeping compartment, she said, and upon arrival in Moscow, went to the central bath. He took her money for safekeeping, she said, telling her that "Moscow is full of thieves," she last saw him as he headed off to the men's section of the Central Bath.

How did he get uniforms?

"He came in dressed as a major and he said he was just promoted to lieutenant colonel," testified an employe of the factory that makes clothes for officers. "He also waved some papers and we gave him a uniform."

This is the kind of story that could be aired here with a didactic message. Kashkov, who never had a job in his life, has spent 18 years in prison or labor camp for similar exploits. He has now been given ten more years.