All you plungers out there who say Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder doesn't know what he is talking about now can make a mint betting against him.

If Jack Pardee needs an external stimulant for the Redskins, Snyder makes ideal locker-room bulletin board reading. He figures the Redskins for a 9-7 season.

"The Redskins are just a fair . . . an average . . . a decent team, Snyder reports. "I made it even between the Redskins and the Eagles for second place in the NFC East. Nobody is going to beat out Dallas.

"The team is totally lacking in speed. Jim Mandich will help at tight end. One thing they have got going for them is Billy Kilmer. He will 'steal' a couple games against teams the Redskins shouldn't beat.

"Where is Washington going to get wide receivers? When Oakland cuts a couple? The Redskins probably will finish second; anybody can in that division.

Snyder sees the National Football Conference as onesided, with Dallas and Los Angeles cinches to play for a Super Bowl berth. He favors Oakland and New England in the American, but concedes that Miami, Baltimore, Houston, Pittsburgh and Denver could make him wrong.

He gives Minnesota a slight edge over Chicago in the NFC Central and predicts that Vikings' quarterback Tommy Kramer is going to be "a great one."

His hot tip is that Tamps Bay will finish ahead of Green Bay.

He asserts that "Nobody is going to beat out the Rams" in the NFC West. He is concerned about whether quarterback Steve Bartkowski of Atlanta "has got it." San Francisco is rated improved but not sufficiently.

In the AFC East, New England is his choice over Miami because of tight end Russ Francis. "The only tight end who comes close to him is Dave Casper of Oakland," Snyder says. He gives Miami the call over Baltimore because it figures to put a lot more points on the scoreboard and notes that rookie wide receive Jimmy Cefalo of Penn State has had a good preseason.

Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder has put up the following odds against teams winning their division titles in man-to-man betting. For instance, a Redskins' backer should get 6-to-1 odds against them winning the NFC East. But a Dallas backer would have to bet $4 against $1 if he takes the Cowboys.