Snubbing a court order, an ultimatum from the mayor and a plea from their union, city policemen extended their wildcat strike into a third day yesterday.

The strike and a nighttime curfew apparently discouraged pilgrimages to the burial site of rock'n roll idol Elvis Presley, who died a year ago Wednesday.

Non-union policemen, police supervisors and Shelby County sheriff's deputies continued to patrol the city of 650,000.

The striking patrolmen had been ordered by a state judge to return to o their jobs by yesterday morning or faaace dismissal. Shortly after midnight, Mayor Wyeth Chandler said the judge's order had been ignored and the petrolmen would be removed from the city payroll. But he gave them 24 hours grace.

The strike appeared to be reducing the number of fans in town for the Presley annniversary.

'Regardless of what kind of information comes out - the city saying everything is running normal and there's no problems - people are naturally staying away," said Dick Grob, chief of security for Presley's 13 1/2-acre estate. "People hear about the strike and say, 'I'm not going down there.' I think that's a very valid thing."