Sen. Herman E. Talmadge (D-Ga.) has denied charges by a former aide that the senator engaged in improper financial arrangements.

The former aide, Daniel Minchew, warned Talmadge in a memorandum June 14 that further investigation of the senator's financial affairs could expose "matters all of us wish we did not know about."

Talmadge told a Washington Star reporter that he "knew" the charges were false and that the memo had been turned over to the Justice Department.

Minchew, now a member of the International Trade Commission, plans to meet with the Senate Ethics Committee this week.

In his memo to Talmadge, Minchew urged the senator to repay the Senate immediately for improperly claimed expense money. He also told Talmadge that some of the money had been converted into cash for the senator and his family.

Talmadge reportedly received about $13,000 in expense money from the Senate during 1973 and 1974 to which he was not entitled.

He has acknowledged he received Minchew's memo on June 14, but said, "I knew it [the charges in the memo] was false." A month later he turned over to the Justice Department and the Ethics Committee copies of the memo, expense vouchers and two checks for $13,000 in allegedly improperly withdrawn Senate funds.