About 25 university presidents and administrators will meet here next Thursday to discuss arrangements for Chinese exchange students expected to arrive within a few months.

The exchange, which also will send U.S. students to Chinese schools, was arranged during a trip to China in early July by White House science adviser Frank Press.

Although no dates are set, some Chinese students could arrive this fall and several hundred might be in the United States by early next year.

"The purpose of the meeting Aug. 24 is to seek the views of the academic community and to see what their interest is in the exchange," said Ann Keatley, a White House science analyst.

Various types of schools were invited to the session, including Georgia Tech, Oberlin, Stanford, lowa State and a community college.

The meeting was arranged by the Committee on Scholarly Communications with the People's Republic of China, which has coordinated 68 scholarly exchanges between the United States and China since 1972.

China will pay all expenses of the students it sends. Most will be in science programs, and they are expected to range from undergraduates to post-doctoral reasearchers.

Most of the U.S. exchange students will probably study the Chinese language, history and culture, Keatley said. It has not been decided how students will be selected or what group will coordinate the program.