Prime Minister Ian Smith said yesterday that his biracial government has made no final decision on an Anglo-U.S. proposal for a meeting with leaders of black nationalist guerrillas fighting to seize power in the country.

Smith told reports in Bulawayo, Rhodesia, that the Salisbury government wanted to know more about the proposed all-party conference.

On Thursday one of the leading black members of the Rhodesian government, Chief Jeremiah Chirau, said the most of the blacks and whites in the country wanted such a meeting and "we must listen to their voice."

In Lusaka, Zambia, a meeting between guerrilla leaders Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo ended suddenly yesterday when Mugabe left for Nigeria. No reason was given for the trip. It is understood that Mugabe and Nkomo had been discussing their conditions for entering an all-party conference.

Their opposition threatens to wreck proposals to end the split was Janata's leadership that has hobbled the government for weeks.

Informed sources within the party also said that important differences remained between Singh and Prime Minister Morarji Desai. Singh's refusal to retract his statement alleging that there was high level corruption within the government was the main sticking point, the sources said.