Rupert Murdoch, publisher of The New York Post, which has been shut down by the 11-day-old newspaper walkout, appears to be the power behind The Daily Metro a strike paper due on newsstands tomorrow.

Meanwhile, negotiations between striking pressmen and publishers of New York's three major daily newspapers have been adjourned indefinitely. Federal mediator Kenneth Moffett reported that the pressmen and publishers were "miles apart." The paper-handlers union, which had authorized a strike three weeks ago, joined the pressmen on the picket lines at The Post, The New York Times and The Daily News.

Daily Metro publisher Frederick Iseman, a 25-year-old assistant editor of a Times feature page, confirmed that he went to The Post this week for financing.

"I told them I have a paper. I need cash up front for distribution. Are you interested? They said, "Yes." He refused to say whether he spoke with Murdoch.

Iseman said that since securing The Post's backing he has "checks from three different distributors and The Post home-delivery network."

Since The Post commitment, seven Post advertising salesman have joined the paper, along with Robert Costello, The Post's advertising director and assistant treasurer, according to a Metro staff member who asked not to be identified. He said Murdoch personally has called executives at Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Gimbel's and Potamkin Cadillac seeking advertising for The Metro.

Told of Murdoch's alleged involvement in The Metro, Times spokesman Leonard Harris said, "I just don't believe it." An official at The Daily News shrugged off the report.