Federal and private toxicologists have warned that the pesticide loosed in last week's blast at the Stauffer Chemical Co. could cause irreversible nerve damage to employes and rescue workers who absorbed enough of it.

Two persons were killed in Friday's $2 million explosion at the Stauffer plant in Chicago Heights, and 57 persons received hospital treatment, most of them for suspected chemical poisioning.

The two experts who warned anyone exposed to the pesticide EPN to see his physician are Charles Xintaras, a neurotoxicologist with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in Cincinnati, and Eileen Choffnes, a staff scientist with Citizens For A Better Environment.

In other industrial cases:

The owner of a chemical waste disposal firm in Allegany, N.Y., says he is under investigation in the North Carolina PCB dumping case but insists he had nothing to do with it.Robert Burns, owner of Transformer Sales Co. of Allegany, N.Y., said North Carolina and federal officials are investigating him as they look for the source of PCBs dumped along 270 miles of state roads in eastern North Carolina earlier this month.

Improper disposal of nuclear waste of Consumers Power Company's Palisades nuclear plant at South Haven, Mich., may have exposed some workers to excessive radiation, government investigators say.

The utility said it would not contest the charges, laid out is federal citations for five nuclear waste disposal rule violations at the plant. A spokesman added the problem is being corrected.