Mayor Walter E. Washington has approved a wage increase for intermittent workers employed by the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics. Employees who now receive $2.50 an hour will be raised to $2.65 an hour, which is the U.S. minimum wage, beginning next Monday.

The elections board, which hires hundreds of short-term employes to assist in city elections, was notified of the mayor's decision Tuesday.

Lillie Fitzgerald, the board's administrative officer in charge of personnel affairs, said intermittent workers employed by the board between July 1 and Aug. 27 will receive retroactive pay.

Fitzgerald requested the wage increase July 14. A memo sent to the board by the mayor's office indicated that the wage request was approved Aug. 21, but the board was not notified until Tuesday.

The higher wage is one of several benefits that have been soought for intermittent workers by Fitzgerald. She could not say how many short-term workers are employed by the board.

Although most intermittent workers are employed for short periods of time, elections officials said a few intermittent employes have been working for the board almost full-time, for several years, without such employment benefits as sick leave, overtime pay or Social Security.