The flooding Ganges and Jamuna rivers were deluging an estimated half of the populous northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh yesterday, with the main threat concentrated on the Hindu holy cities of Allahabad and Benares.

The Taj Mahal gardens in Agra were submerged and workers built a wall of sandbags around the white marble monument itself. It is on high ground, however, and was officially reported to be in no danger. It has been closed to the public indefinitely.

The flooding, caused by heavy monsoon rains, was said to be the worst of this century and feared the death toll would be in the hundreds, if not higher.

U.S.-Soviet efforts to half the arms race, and said his country wants to develop 'constructive and stable' ties with the United States.

In a statement issued through the U.S. Embassy, Kennedy said only that he and Brezhnev had had "frank, friendly and wide-ranging discussions." Before the meeting, Kennedy told reporters he would urge Brezhnev to try to mend relations with the United States. Otherwise, he said, there is little chance the Senate will ratify a new Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty.

Kennedy is in the Soviet Union for a conference of the World Health Organization.