With the Democrat-Farmer Labor Party in more disarray than in a generation, Rep. Donald Fraser, a 16-year House veteran, was facing a stiff challenge from Robert Short, the former Washington Senators baseball team owner and trucking magnate. Sen. Wendell Anderson, the former governor who appointed himself to succeed Walter F. Mondale when he became vice president, had a less serious primary challenge. Republicans had hard-fought races for both seats - even Harold Stassen was in the running to challenge Anderson.

WISCONSIN - Martin Schreiber, the lieutenant governor who moved up in the governor's chair when Gov. Patrick Lucey was made an ambassador, faced a stiff primary battle with David Carley, a millionaire long active in party affairs. In the GOP primary, early favorite Rep. Bob Kasten, a conservative from the small town of Theinsville, was meeting the late-blooming campaign of Lee Dreyfus.

ARIZONA - Three Republicans were in a tight race to challenge incumbent Gov. Bruce Babbitt in a race that has produced more yawns than anything else.

COLORADO - Believing that Sen. Floyd Haskell is highly vulnerable in November, former astronaut Jack Swigert and Rep. William Armstrong have raged a fierce battle for the GOP Senate nomination.Armstrong was favored. Haskell faced no primary opposition. Two conservative state senators were in a close race for the GOP nomination to challenge Gov. Richard Lamm, who faced no opposition in the Democratic primary.

UTAH - Only one race of national interest here. Two Democrats were seeking the nomination to challenge Republican Rep. Dan Marriott, who is seeking a second term.

WYOMING - Both parties had active primary contests for the open Senate seat and at-large House seat. Among the GOP House contenders was Richard Cheney, the White House chief of staff, under Gerald R. Ford, making his first try at elective office. Two conservative, wealthy Republicans, were battling for the right to take on Democratic Gov. Ed Henschler this fall.