Two of four armed convicts who shot their way out of a Tennessee prison were captured yesterday trying to ram a police roadblock. Hundreds of federal, state and local lawmen searched rural Arkansas for the other fugitives, who held two elderly hostages.

The four convicts, using guns hidden in a prison bathroom, shot their way out of prison Wednesday during a bowling outing in Dickson, Tenn. A guard and two inmates, including one of the escapes, were wounded.

In their two-day, two-state spree covering more than 1,000 miles, the convicts have hijacked an airplane, commandeered at least four cars and taken five hostages, releasing three of them unharmed.

The two elderly hostages still held were identified as Mr. and Mrs. John B. King of Woodlawn.

The fugitives - serving between 20 and 50 years in prison for a variety of violent offenses - separated yesterday morning after spending Wednesday night at the Kings' home. Convicted rapist George Bonds, 24, and Floyd Brewer, 28, drove off with no hostages in the Kings' pickup truck. Police said Larry Chism, 29, and Ronald Lyons, 31, fled in the Kings' car, taking the Kings as hostages.

Bonds and Brewer were captured as they sped toward the Missouri border with sheriff's deputies in pursuit. They tried to ram a roadblock and surrendered without firing a shot. After their capture, Bonds and Brewer indicated to police that Chism and Lyons might be headed for Texas.