Americans are now convinced that important changes in their lifestyles are likely to take place between now and the turn of the century.

Looking ahead, 27 percent feel that lifestyles in this country will be very much different in five years; 51 percent feel major changes will take place in the next 10 years; and 74 percent fell such changes can be expected in the next 25 years.

By 52 to 42 percent a majority is convicned that Americans will be cutting down on their consumption of products. This reflects the belief held by a lopsided 84 to 13 percent that most people in America buy much more than they need. When asked if they and their families buy a lot more than they need, 49 percent admit that they do, although 50 percent deny this is the case. Among the most affluent group, those earning incomes of $25,000 or more, a sizeable 63 percent feel they buy much more than they need.

This shift away from consumption of greater and greater quantities of goods is reflected in a number of changes people now forsee taking place.

Recently the Harris Survey asked:

"Here are some common aspects of present lifestyles in this country. For each, would you tell me if you think it is going to become more popular, less popular, less popular or reman at just about the present level of popularity."