WE SHUDDER TO THINK what insane developments are still to come in the incredible, endless vote count at city hall. The latest, as rostaghast voters know, was the discovery yesterday of some 7,000 additorial ballots that still haven't been counted. So the disarray today is worse than any fo us thought yesterday or the day before - when it was intolerable. And by now surely the pitch of voter fury has hit a shrill high C. But what about those who are incharge? Do they even give a damn?

Without going into yet another recital of the terrible effects this situation is having on the District of Columbia, who is the mayor right now? Why is it that as of this writing, the public has yet to hear one word of concern from Walter Washington about ending what amounts to a community emergency? Doesn't he care? Even if he is losing, the mayor should be pulling out all stops to get every ballot counted so that official returns can be issued and the campaign for the November general election can take shape.

His excuse in the past has been that the elections board operates independently of the city government. But who appointed the members of the board? And who is asking in the latest budget request for less money now to run the board than it actually got two budgets ago - and less than was sought in the last budget? We have a strong bunch almost any other mayor of this city would by now be insisting that the basic task of counting be completed immediately, even if it meant detailing more people to the job immediately for a 24-hour operation.

It is now Friday of the second week, and if Mayor Washington won't step in to demand that the work continue around the clock until it's completed correctly, the City Council should exercise whatever authority it has - including rejecting the major's renomination of Shari Kharasch as head of the elections board.